Zach Bryan - American Heartbreak [3LP]
Zach Bryan - American Heartbreak [3LP]
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Zach Bryan - American Heartbreak [3LP]

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With the breakout success of his modern epic American Heartbreak, Oklahoma songwriter Zach Bryan cements his reputation as a bona fide country music superstar. The Navy veteran's debut album for Warner Records debuted at No. 5 on Billboard's Top 200 Albums chart and No. 1 on their Top Country Albums chart.

First and foremost, Bryan is a storyteller and American Heartbreak earns him a spot in the canon of great American narrative songwriters. The album has incited passionate and wide-reaching critical acclaim for its earthy sound and Bryan's endlessly poignant lyricism, which evokes unforgettable vignettes of modern American life. It caps five years of living what Bryan himself has called, "a true tall-tale."

The album's singles – the recently released "Whiskey Fever," along with "Open The Gate," "Something in the Orange," "Highway Boys," "From Austin," "Heading South," and "Late July" – have become events at Bryan's spirited, Springsteen-esque live shows, inspiring fan singalongs. "Heading South," the track that started it all, just picked up a Gold certification from the RIAA. As American Heartbreak and its numerous accolades testify, Zach Bryan is a once-in-a-lifetime songwriter, and his rise is only beginning.

  1. Late July
  2. Something In The Orange (Z&E's Version)
  3. Heavy Eyes
  4. Mine Again
  5. Happy Instead
  6. Right Now The Best
  7. The Outskirts
  8. Younger Years
  9. Cold Damn Vampires
  10. Tishomingo
  11. She's Alright
  12. You Are My Sunshine
  13. Darling
  14. Ninth Cloud
  15. Oklahoma City
  16. Sun to Me
  17. Highway Boys
  18. Whiskey Fever
  19. Billy Stay
  20. Sober Side of Sorry
  21. High Beams
  22. The Good I'll Do
  23. Someday (Maggie's)
  24. Poems and Closing Time
  25. From Austin
  26. If She Wants a Cowboy
  27. Corinthians (Proctor's)
  28. Open The Gate
  29. Half Grown
  30. No Cure
  31. '68 Fastback
  32. Blue
  33. Morning Time
  34. The Road I Know