Peter Tosh - Equal Rights [2LP/ 180G] (MOV)

Peter Tosh - Equal Rights [2LP/ 180G] (MOV)

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The first two solo albums by Peter Tosh on Columbia Records were cornerstones of the roots-rock-reggae movement: Legalize It (1976) and Equal Rights (1977).

Equal Rights brought together Peter Tosh's dedications to the revolutionary movements growing in Africa, and his personal growth as a prophet, poet, preacher and world-class musical trailblazer. The album included a number of songs that became human rights anthems over the next two decades: "Get Up, Stand Up," "Downpressor Man," "African," "Apartheid," and the title tune.

Both Legalize It [MOVLP342] and Equal Rights will be commemorated with the release of expanded vinyl editions. Each double LP package will contain fully remastered audio and Dub versions that were previously only available on very limited edition Jamaican dub plates. Both releases will include 2 detailed inserts.

Side A

1. Get Up, Stand Up
2. Downpressor Man
3. I Am That I Am
4. Stepping Razor

Side B

1. Equal Rights
2. African
3. Jah Guide
4. Apartheid

Side C

1. Dub-Presser Man
2. I Am That I Am (ShaJahShoka Dub Plate)
3. Heavy Razor (ShaJahShoka Dub Plate)
4. African (London Sound System Dub Plate)

Side D

1. Jah Guide (Dub Plate)
2. Hammer (ShaJahShoka Dub Plate)
3. Blame The Yout (Dub Version)
4. Babylon Queendom (Dub Version)
5. Vampires (Dub Version)