Mountain Goats - Bleed Out [2LP/ Ltd Ed Tuscan Yellow Vinyl]

Mountain Goats - Bleed Out [2LP/ Ltd Ed Tuscan Yellow Vinyl]

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Maybe you are just like John Darnielle: In the depths of the pandemic winter at the end of 2020, the Mountain Goats frontman passed the time trapped at home in North Carolina watching pulpy action movies, finding comfort in familiar tropes and sofabound escapism. But you are not really like Darnielle, unless the action movies you found comfort in included French thrillers like 2008's Mesrine, vintage Italian poliziotteschi, or the 1974 Donald Pleasence mad-scientist vehicle The Freakmaker.

Or unless watching them brought you back to your formative days as an artist, when watching films fueled and soundtracked your songwriting jags and bare-bones home recordings and in turn inspired your 20th album to be a song cycle about the allure – and futility – of vengeance. But there's no shame in not being like Darnielle; few people are.

The resulting performance is Bleed Out, a cinematic experience unto itself. One song about preparing to exact bloody revenge begat another song about the act of exacting bloody revenge and then more songs about and the causes and the aftermath of being driven to exact bloody revenge, each delivered with the urgency and desperation deserving of their narrators and circumstances.

  1. Training Montage
  2. Mark on You
  3. Wage Wars Get Rich Die Handsome
  4. Extraction Point
  5. Bones Don't Rust
  6. First Blood
  7. Make You Suffer
  8. Guys on Every Corner
  9. Hostages
  10. Need More Bandages
  11. Incandescent Ruins
  12. Bleed Out