Mitski - Bury Me at Make Out Creek

Mitski - Bury Me at Make Out Creek

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Bury Me at Make Out Creek is the third studio album by Japanese-American indie rock musician Mitski, released on November 11, 2014.

"Though not necessarily nostalgia, the sound of Bury Me at Make Out Creek is inventive and resourceful in a '90s-indie way. The choruses here soar like power pop, but are subdued by tempo and fidelity, while cheap drum machines are deployed as much for their tone as their rhythm. And even when Bury Me has full band arrangements, everything calls attention to the narrator's loneliness—awkwardly thumbed basslines, slapdash drumming, a mocking chorale on "Carry Me Out", organ drones that could pass for someone nodding off on the keys.

But anything that gives you the sense of amateurism or self-defeat has intent and purpose. As tempting as it is to praise Bury Me at Make Out Creek by trying to quantify its intangibles—charm, relatability—the craft here is obvious, as is the accruing confidence of someone who’s developed a compelling voice in obscurity." - Pitchfork

A1 Texas Reznikoff
A2 Townie
A3 First Love / Late Spring
A4 Francis Forever
A5 I Don't Smoke

B1 Jobless Monday
B2 Drunk Walk Home
B3 I Will
B4 Carry Me Out
B5 Last Words Of A Shooting Star