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Luka State, The - Fall In Fall Out

Luka State, The - Fall In Fall Out

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The Luka State are Cheshire Cats, Conrad Ellis (voice, guitar), Sam Bell (bass, voice), Jake Barnabas (drums) and Lewis Pusey (guitars). Their hometown is famous for salt mining, and not much else. Yet being halfway between Liverpool and Manchester – hence, every kid in the town wanting to be a footballer or pop star the minute they can kick a ball or play a guitar. The Luka State chose music.

The band racked up 68 shows around the UK in the twelve months leading up to the lockdown, and despite not having the chance to play their latest releases live, they have amassed over 6 million Spotify streams. This is no mean feat for an independent band, so it’s no wonder that Shelter/BMG jumped at the chance to sign them.

    • Feel It
    • Bury Me
    • Kick in the Teeth
    • Fake News
    • Real Thing
    • Girl
    • Bold
    • Room's On Fire
    • [Insert Girls Name Here]
    • Fall In Fall Out
    • What's My Problem
    • (Outro)