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King's X - Gretchen Goes to Nebraska [2LP]

King's X - Gretchen Goes to Nebraska [2LP]

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Limited double vinyl LP pressing of this album by the U.S. rockers who combine progressive metal, funk and soul with vocal arrangements influenced by gospel, blues, and British Invasion groups.

In 1989 King's X released their second studio album, Gretchen Goes to Nebraska. Based loosely on a short story by drummer Jerry Gaskill, GGTN is considered by many fans and critics to be their landmark album and their most creative period. The album contains many fan favorites such as the power ballad "Summerland", "Mission", and "The Burning Down". The song "Pleiades" is credited by Ty Tabor as being the genesis of the King's X sound when he presented the demo to the other band members a few years earlier. Significantly, the song "Over My Head" received considerable play on MTV and radio, and ultimately set the band up for broader success on subsequent albums.

  • - SIDE 1 -
  • 1 Out of the Silent Planet 5:44
  • 2 Over My Head 4:47
  • 3 Summerland 3:17
  • 4 Everybody Knows a Little Bit of Something 3:57
  • 5 The Difference (In the Garden of St. Anne's-On-The-Hill) 3:08
  • 6 I'll Never Be the Same 4:57
  • - SIDE 2 -
  • 1 Mission 5:00
  • 2 Fall on Me 4:03
  • 3 Pleiades 4:42
  • 4 Don't Believe It (It's Easier Said Than Done) 3:06
  • 5 Send a Message 4:02
  • 6 The Burning Down 5:15