Jeff Rosenstock - Worry

Jeff Rosenstock - Worry

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You might know the legend of Jeff Rosenstock by now. The Arrogant Sons of Bitches had Long Island's attention, and then mutated into Bomb the Music Industry. When Bomb ended, Jeff was left standing in a lonely spotlight and we all wondered if he'd be ok. Instead of even giving us time to find out, he put out We Cool? and showed us all what growing up looks like. We Cool? showed us that Jeff Rosenstock's version of growing up wasn't going to betray Bomb or its fans or the things people loved about them, it was going to put a magnifying glass on his own impulses and insecurities as an individual in a way that was both shockingly frank and impossibly catchy.

The album you are about to listen to, Worry, only furthers and exceeds the myth of Jeff Rosenstock, he who is mythical for being the most normal dude from a boring place any of us have ever met; mythical for sticking to his guns when all logic points in the other direction; mythical for writing melodies that stick in our brains and lyrics that rip our guts out; mythical most of all for being not mythical at all. He's just Jeff. It's not that complicated. But in a world where everything is driven by branding and image and hidden agendas, being not that complicated makes him perhaps the most complicated artist around.

Enjoy this album. Enjoy it as a whole. The second half is going to blow your mind with its ambitiousness and will be viewed over time as a triumph and high water mark of a cool ass career. And the singles. "Wave Goodnight to Me" ​is untouchable. "Blast Damage Days" will make you feel ok about the fact that the world seems to be built on a foundation of quicksand. And when you're done listening, don't forget – you probably can't change the world, but you should at least try. Jeff's been falling on the sword for the rest of us for years and it's on all of us to at least go down swinging.

  1. We Begged
  2. Explode
  3. Pash Rash
  4. Festival Song
  5. Staring Out The Window At Your Old Apartment
  6. Wave Goodnight To Me
  7. To Be A Ghost...
  8. Pietro, 60 Years Old
  9. I Did Something Weird Last Night
  10. Blast Damage Days
  11. Bang On The Door
  12. Rainbow
  13. Planet Luxury
  15. June 21st
  16. The Fuzz
  17. ...While You're Alive
  18. Perfect Sound Whatever