Glass Animals - How to Be a Human Being

Glass Animals - How to Be a Human Being

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Glass Animals How to Be a Human Being on LP + Download

U.K. quartet Glass Animals return in August 2016 with their highly anticipated new Harvest Records album How to Be a Human Being. The record is a scrapbook of the band's time spent on the road, gathering memories and perceptions of different types of people from all around the world. Many of lead singer/producer Dave Bayley's lyrical ideas came from live recordings of people saved on his phone, as though he'd been operating as some sort of roaming journalist all this time.

"I try to sneakily record people, and I have hours and hours of these amazing rants from taxi drivers, strange people we met outside of shows, people at parties. People say the strangest shit when they don't think they're ever gonna see you again." The voice notes sparked ideas for characters that Dave developed, writing an album like a TV screenwriter might approach a script. "I'd obsess over what they ate, where they lived, what their furniture looked like, what they wore," he adds.

When crafting the acclaimed lead single "Life Itself," Bayley's thoughts returned to one factor he couldn't have even dreamt of during the making of their debut album Zaba: the huge live audiences they had been drawing on their last tour. Dave remarked, "You sense what the crowds react to: big drums, bass, high tempo." Consequence of Sound proclaimed "it's the sort of stomping, globe-trotting hit you'd want to release for the summer. The chorus will slip and slide through your ears with ease, so watch out."

1. Life Itself
2. Youth Season
3. 2 Episode 3
4. Pork Soda
5. Mama's Gun
6. Cane Shuga
7. Premade Sandwiches
8. The Other Side Of Paradise
9. Take A Slice Poplar
10. St Agnes