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Gin Blossoms - Congratulations I'm Sorry

Gin Blossoms - Congratulations I'm Sorry

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Vinyl LP pressing. Congratulations I'm Sorry is the third studio album by the American power pop band Gin Blossoms, and the follow-up album to the successful 1992 release New Miserable Experience, released in 1996 by A&M records. The album's title, according to the lead singer Robin Wilson, came from the response band members usually received from people who both wanted to congratulate the band for the success of New Miserable Experience, while then offering apologies for their friend and former band member Doug Hopkins. The album eventually reached platinum status.

1 Day Job (Side A)
2 Highwire (Side A)
3 Follow You Down (Side A)
4 Not Only Numb (Side A)
5 As Long As It Matters (Side A)
6 Peferctly Still (Side A)

7 7th Inning Stretch (Side B)
8 My Car (Side B)
9 Virginia (Side B)
10 Whitewash (Side B)
11 I Can't Figure You Out (Side B)
12 Memphis Time (Side B)
13 Competition Smile (Side B)