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Fugazi - Margin Walker

Fugazi - Margin Walker

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Fugazi Margin Walker EP on LP + Download


Originally issued on Dischord in June 1989, Fugazi's beloved Margin Walker EP ("Margin Walker,” “And The Same,” “Burning Too,” “Provisional,” “Lockdown,” “Promises”) is the group's second ever release recorded in December 1988 with John Loder while the band was in England for a European tour. These songs were combined with the tracks from the band's debut 7 Songs EP and released together on the 13 Songs compilation album in September 1989. This 12" EP was re-cut and re-issued in October 2009 with updated art.

Fugazi Margin Walker EP Track Listing:

1. Margin Walker  
2. And The Same  
3. Burning Too  
4. Provisional  
5. Lockdown  
6. Promises