Evanescence - Evanescence

Evanescence - Evanescence

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In theory, epic gothic rockers Evanescence have done everything but live up to their name, which is defined as a "disappearance" or something that merely "dissipates like vapor." Instead, the Little Rock, AR quintet led by charismatic vocalist/pianist Amy Lee have proved to be a powerful presence in the international arena in the 21st Century. Their elusive sound has drawn comparisons with bands as diverse as nu-metal heroes Linkin Park through to intense symphonic metal acts such as Nightwish and Within Temptation, but in truth, Evanescence have always blazed their own trail.

Duplicating The Open Door's initial success, Evanescence's eponymous third album and last to date debuted at No.1 on the US Billboard 200 in 2011. And once again the critics also came out to praise Evanescence, with Kerrang! describing it as "easily" the band's "most cohesive and confident work." It certainly contained some of the group's most memorable – and accessible – songs, including the symphonic, Björk-like "Lost In Paradise," the heavy (but infectiously melodic) "What You Want" and the emotive, sex-trafficking-related ballad "My Heart Is Broken."


  1. What You Want
  2. Made Of Stone
  3. The Change
  4. My Heart Is Broken
  5. The Other Side
  6. Erase This
  7. Lost In Paradise
  8. Sick
  9. End Of The Dream
  10. Oceans
  11. Never Go Back
  12. Swimming Home