Eric Church - Sinners Like Me [Ltd Ed Red Vinyl/ 2nd Pressing]

Eric Church - Sinners Like Me [Ltd Ed Red Vinyl/ 2nd Pressing]

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Revolution has cast a spark in mainstream country music, and outlaw rebel Eric Church is to blame. Since the release of his 2006 debut album, Sinners Like Me, Church has led his pack one-by-one through retrospective songwriting, invigorating live shows, and a hard-boiled attitude soaked in blood and sweat, and ice cold beers.

Sinners Like Me established Church as one of the most acclaimed new songwriters in country music and was certified Gold thanks to the hit singles "How 'Bout You," "Two Pink Lines," "Guys Like Me" and the title track with lyrics that sum up the album and in a way became the thesis for his outlaw image, "I was fifteen when my daddy's old man / Caught me half way through my first beer / He laughed so hard when my face turned green / He said 'You come from a long line of sinners like me'."

"I have a theory that all of us only get a small window of time to make records when people will really listen and care," Church says. "It's up to us to move the needle. People like Waylon and Cash or Garth and Strait - they all took the format and said ‘We're going over here,' and they all changed the direction of the music a little bit."

  1. Before She Does
  2. Sinners Like Me
  3. How 'Bout You
  4. These Boots
  5. What I Almost Was
  6. The Hard Way
  7. Guys Like Me
  8. Lighting
  9. Can't Take It With You
  10. Pledge Allegiance To the Hag
  11. Two Pink Lines
  12. Livin' Part of Life