Dr. John, the Night Tripper - Gris-Gris [180G/ Speakers Corner All-Analogue Audiophile Pressing]

Dr. John, the Night Tripper - Gris-Gris [180G/ Speakers Corner All-Analogue Audiophile Pressing]

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180g Vinyl Reissue Remastered Using Pure Analogue Components Only From the Master Tapes Through To the Cutting Head

Dr. John's 1968 New Orleans amalgamation album, Gris-gris (voodoo term) - which celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2018 - was his first under the moniker he would become famous for and its fantastic blend of druggy deep blues, incantational background vocals, exotic mandolin and banjo trills, ritualistic percussion, interjections of free jazz and seductive-yet-menacing vocals was a musical revelation. A flagship affair, Gris-gris is one part psychedelia, one part New Orleans R&B and one part voodoo mysticism and ancient ritual. The magical numbers "Gris-Gris Gumbo Ya-Ya," "Mama Roux," "Jump Sturdy" and "I Walk on Gilded Splinters" have all gone onto become cult classics and Gris-gris checks in at a very respectable No. 143 in Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.

"Gris-Gris is now 50. It still stands tall, sounding as swampy, soothing, funky, sexy, mysterious, psychedelic and laden with enough voodoo to steal one's heart and mind. It was, and is, a true adventurous hippie trip despite there being no rock ‘n' roll within its mere seven tracks. But it opened up America to the inner sanctum of New Orleans culture like a travel guide on LSD. In other words, it has yet to lose its singular charm and pioneering essence. It sounded like nothing that had ever been recorded at the time and still, 50 years later, nothing recorded since. In a word, it's timeless." - Mike Greenblatt, Goldmine

This Speakers Corner 180g vinyl reissue was remastered using pure analogue components only from the master tapes through to the cutting head.


  1. Gris-Gris Gumbo Ya Ya
  2. Danse Kalinda Ba Doom
  3. Mama Roux
  4. Danse Fambeaux
  5. Croker Courtbullion
  6. Jump Sturdy
  7. I Walk On Guilded Splinters