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Denzel Curry - Ta13oo [Ltd Ed Red Slushie Vinyl]

Denzel Curry - Ta13oo [Ltd Ed Red Slushie Vinyl]

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Denzel Curry's highly-anticipated third album TA13OO is presented in three acts: Light, Gray and Dark. Each early single represents one of the album's acts, as "Sumo" represents Light, "Clout Cobain" represents Gray, and "Percs" represents Dark, which come together cohesively to form TA13OO.

Across the three sections of TA13OO, Denzel explores topics including molestation, the presidential election, fame, hatred, paranoia, revenge, love, the current state of music and personal tales of his own near death experiences. Sonically, the album ranges just as widely as its subject matter, sounds of paranoia, fear of loss, brooding melancholy and mood swings straight from hell all find their way onto TA13OO, making this Denzel's most groundbreaking musical performance to date.

TA13OO is the first longform statement from Denzel since his 2016 album Imperial, which landed him on the XXL Freshman cover and helped set the template for the South Florida sound that has exploded in the last few years. The album bridges the gap between the older generation of hip hop and the budding generation of SoundCloud rappers that he helped birth in sound and style, all while commanding respect from them both with lethal lyricism and deeply personal storytelling.

  1. Taboo | Ta13oo
  2. Black Balloons | 13lack 13alloonz
  3. Cash Maniac | Cazh Man1ac
  4. Sumo | Zumo
  5. Super Saiyan Superman | Zuper Za1yan Zuperman
  6. Switch It Up | Zw1tch 1t Up
  7. Mad I Got It | Mad 1 Got 1t
  8. Sirens | Z1renz
  9. Clout Cobain | Clout Co13a1n
  10. The Blackest Balloon | The 13lackest 13alloon
  11. Percs | Percz
  12. Vengeance | Vengeance
  13. Black Metal Terrorist | 13 M T