Daft Punk - Alive 2007 [2LP]

Daft Punk - Alive 2007 [2LP]

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If one's legacy is quantified by the cultural shift in the wake of an achievement, then Daft Punk's Alive 2006/2007 tour is among their most significant contributions to music and society in a broader sense. A spectacle launched at Coachella 2006, their live production was unlike anything seen previously, two androids piloting a gigantic, glowing pyramid of sensory stimulus.

The series of shows globally, from the US to Japan and back, set the precedent for live music in the festival setting and re-imagined what electronic music could be in the tangible sense. It was the benchmark that set into motion the festival boom of the next decade, giving hope to a dwindling industry – as album sales consistently dropped across the board, large-scale music festivals and the accompanying live productions became numerous correlatively and sold out quickly. A shift in the way the entire music industry monetized its assets was soon to follow.

Recorded at Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy in June 2007, Daft Punk's second live set, the Grammy award winning Alive 2007, wonderfully encapsulates that sea change moment. An innovatively sequenced virtual greatest hits package, Alive 2007 includes ingenious productions of such definitive Daft Punk fare as "One More Time," "Da Funk," "Around The World," "Harder Better Faster Stronger," "Television Rules The Nation," "Crescendolls" and "Alive."

  1. Robot Rock
  2. Oh Yeah
  3. Touch It
  4. Technologic
  5. Television Rules The Nation
  6. Crescendolls
  7. Too Long
  8. Steam Machine
  9. Around The World
  10. Harder Better Faster Stronger
  11. Burnin'
  12. Too Long
  13. Face To Face
  14. Short Circuit
  15. One More Time
  16. Aerodynamic
  17. Aerodynamic Beats
  18. Forget About The World
  19. Prime Time Of Your Life
  20. Brainwasher
  21. Rollin' And Scratchin'
  22. Alive
  23. Da Funk
  24. Daftendirekt
  25. Superheroes
  26. Human After All
  27. Rock ‘n' Roll