Conan Gray - Kid Krow

Conan Gray - Kid Krow

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Buzzing 21-year-old bedroom pop singer-songwriter Conan Gray releases his anxiously awaited full-length debut, Kid Krow which features fan favorites such as current single "Maniac," "Comfort Crowd" and "Checkmate" as well as the brand-new song "The Story." The latter lives up to its title as Gray's most candid and confessional composition yet. Over solo acoustic guitar, he depicts the trauma and tragedy of the suburbs, bullying, sexual repression, and finally escape to a better life in vivid fashion. He opens up more than ever and promises, "It's not the end of the story..." "The record is a study of how I perceive the world," Gray says. "I talk a lot about my friends and people I've met touring over the past year. It's me. I'm not the coolest person, but the album is me accepting the fact I'm weird and I don't need to be anybody else. It's also a chance to encourage others to embrace who they are and be unapologetic about it." Produced by frequent collaborator Daniel Nigro, Kid Krow unfolds as a cohesive vision and hints at the expanse of Gray's world.


  1. Comfort Crowd
  2. Wish You Were Sober
  3. Maniac
  4. (Online Love)
  5. Checkmate
  6. The Cut That Always Bleeds
  7. Fight or Flight
  8. Affluenza
  9. (Can We Be Friends?)
  10. Heather
  11. Little League
  12. The Story