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Chris Whitley - Living with the Law

Chris Whitley - Living with the Law

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The beautiful breakthrough album of Chris Whitley was released in 1991 and was immediate proof of his brilliant songwriting.

In a time when upbeat Pop Rock dominated the hit charts, Living With The Law had a somewhat dark and introvert quality. Its richness surfaces in the use of old-fashioned sounds such as slide guitars and banjos against a backdrop of subtly arranged rhythm tracks, whilst all the time carrying the splendid timbre of his voice. The native Texan tackles subjects such as drug abuse, loneliness and failure, making Living With The Law an incredibly honest and compelling album.

Side A
1. Excerpt
2. Living With The Law
3. Big Sky Country
4. Kick The Stones
5. Make The Dirt Stick
6. Poison Girl
7. Dust Radio

Side B
1. Phone Call From Leavenworth
2. I Forget You Every Day
3. Long Way Around
4. Look What Love Has Done
5. Bordertown