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Caribou - Up In Flames

Caribou - Up In Flames

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Up in Flames is the second studio album by Canadian musician Dan Snaith, released under the moniker Manitoba on March 31, 2003 by The Leaf Label and Domino Recording Company. It is Snaith's second and final album credited under Manitoba, and received critical acclaim when it was released.

In 2006, a special edition of Up in Flames was released. In 2013, the album was reissued under Snaith's current moniker, Caribou, and in 2015, it was selected by fans as one of ten albums re-issued by The Leaf Label as part of the label's 20th anniversary celebrations. This saw the album released on limited edition double vinyl and made available to fans via the PledgeMusic service.

1. I've Lived on a Dirt Road All My Life
2. Skunks
3. Hendrix with Ko
4. Jacknuggeted
5. Why the Long Face
6. Bijoux
7. Twins
8. Kid You'll Move Mountains
9. Crayon

10. Every Time She Turns Round It's Her Birthday