Bones UK - Bones UK [Ltd Ed Half-Black, Half-Clear Vinyl]

Bones UK - Bones UK [Ltd Ed Half-Black, Half-Clear Vinyl]

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For London-bred band Bones UK, every song is a chance to speak their minds, and to shed light on the disconnect between the status quo and the far more glorious world inside their heads. On their self-titled debut album, vocalist Rosie Bones and guitarist Carmen Vandenberg confront everything from the beauty industrial complex to toxic masculinity to music-scene sexism, embedding each track with choruses primed for passionate shouting-along. Bones UK offer up an album that's both provocative and endlessly exhilarating, even in it's most outraged moments. True to the L.A.-based band's anti-conformist spirit, Bones UK unfolds with an entirely uncontainable sound, a riff-heavy collision of rock-and-roll and rough-edged electronic music. On opener "Beautiful Is Boring," Bones UK bring artful riffs and sinister grooves to a feverish statement against societal expectations of beauty. "We're living in an era when everyone's being airbrushed into looking all the same, when really it's imperfections that make you beautiful," says Rosie. On "Filthy Freaks," the band twists the narrative to an all-out celebration of the perfectly imperfect, the song's bright tempo and surf-rock rhythms backed by Rosie's brazen lyrics (e.g., "I like your leather/But I like it better on my floor").

A1 Beautiful Is Boring
A2 Filthy Freaks
A3 Pretty Waste
A4 Leach
A5 I'm Afraid Of Americans
A6 Souls

B1 Skeletone
B2 Choke
B3 Creature
B4 Black Blood
B5 Limbs
B6 Girls Can't Play Guitar