Beach Bunny - Emotional Creature [Ltd Ed "Reku" Orange & Yellow Marbled Vinyl/ Indie Exclusive]

Beach Bunny - Emotional Creature [Ltd Ed "Reku" Orange & Yellow Marbled Vinyl/ Indie Exclusive]

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Beach Bunny deliver their highly anticipated sophomore album Emotional Creature on Mom+Pop Music. Across the album's 12 new songs, the Chicago-based quartet, fronted by Lili Trifilio who is also the band's songwriter, soar to new heights of magnetic energy and dive to new depths of unguarded vulnerability further cementing Trifilio's well-earned reputation as a leading voice of her generation.

On the release, Trifilio says, "We are always changing, growing, and adapting - it's a deeply ingrained part of the human experience. We strive to be stronger, trust we'll grow smarter, and spend most of our lives reaching for comfort and happiness. Sometimes, life is stagnant, sometimes, life is difficult - but the wonderful part of being human is that we evolve and make the bleak moments beautiful - we find new ways to survive. Humans are emotional creatures and I wanted to capture that with this album in order to show how complex, sometimes tragic, and mostly wonderful the human experience can be."

Emotional Creature was written immediately prior to and during the pandemic and produced by pop-punk go-to Sean O'Keefe (Fall Out Boy, Motion City Soundtrack) at Chicago's Shirk Studios. Finding herself back at her parents' home in spring of 2020 following the tour surrounding the band's critically and commercially acclaimed debut Honeymoon, Trifilio coped with her new reality by retreating into sci-fi stories and her always-active imagination. She envisioned new places to travel in her mind, thus dreaming up big, bombastic Y2K-esque pop sounds to construct the album and its galaxial imagery.

1. Entropy
2. Oxygen
3. Deadweight
4. Gone
5. Eventually
6. Fire Escape
7. Weeds
8. Gravity
9. Scream
10. Infinity Room
11. Karaoke
12. Love Song