Bad Company - Desolation Angels [2LP/ 180G/ Expanded Edition]

Bad Company - Desolation Angels [2LP/ 180G/ Expanded Edition]

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40th Anniversary 180g Vinyl 2LP Reissue Remastered from the Original Multi-Track Tapes and Expanded with Nine Unreleased Tracks Taken from the Album's Recording Sessions!

In the late summer of 1978, Paul Rodgers, Mick Ralphs, Simon Kirke and Boz Burrell spent several weeks recording songs for their fifth studio album Desolation Angels at Ridge Farm Studio in Surrey, England. The album – named after Jack Kerouac's 1965 novel – was released in March 1979, and spawned two singles, "Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy" and "Gone, Gone, Gone." It also introduced fan favorites like "Evil Wind" and "Rhythm Machine." A double-platinum hit, Desolation Angels peaked at No. 3 on the U.S. album charts and took radio by storm with "Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy," the best-selling single of the British supergroup's career.

Bad Company celebrates the album's 40th anniversary with a newly expanded 180g vinyl 2LP version that boasts nine unreleased songs taken from the album's recording sessions. Highlights include alternate takes for "Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy," "Early In The Morning" and "She Brings Me Love." Also, the version "Oh, Atlanta" included here is played at slower tempo and adds a Fender Rhodes keyboard into the mix. Desolation Angles was remastered from the original multi-track tapes in 2019 for The Swan Song Years 1974-1982 box set.


  1. Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy
  2. Crazy Circles
  3. Gone, Gone, Gone
  4. Evil Wind
  5. Early in the Morning
  6. Lonely for Your Love
  7. Oh, Atlanta
  8. Take the Time
  9. Rhythm Machine
  10. She Brings Me Love


  1. Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy (Alternative Version 1)
  2. Gone, Gone, Gone (Alternative Version)
  3. Evil Wind (Alternative Version)
  4. Early in the Morning (Alternative Version 2)
  5. Smokin' 45 (Alternative Version 2)
  6. Oh, Atlanta (Slow Version with Rhodes)
  7. Rhythm Machine (Alternative Version)
  8. She Brings Me Love (Alternative Version 1)
  9. Rock Fever (Outtake)