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America - America [180G] (MOV)

America - America [180G] (MOV)

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Music on Vinyl label pressing

The self-titled debut album by America (1972) is considered as a folk-pop classic, filled with a great collection of memorable songs that proves their influence on acts as The Eagles and Dan Fogelberg.  Using vocal harmonies on "Sandman" and "Children” and an intricate interplay of acoustic guitars is for the period of time highly ambitious. The hits of this album are of course the widely known "A Horse With No Name", "I Need You" and again "Sandman". But also the buoyantly charming "Three Roses", the yearningly lovely "Rainy Day" and the quietly ringing "Clarice" make this album as one of their best and recommendable for any kind of music fan. A classic to own and a stepping stone into the world of folk-pop music.

Side A

  • 1. Riverside
  • 2. Sandman
  • 3. Three Roses
  • 4. Children
  • 5. A Horse With No Name
  • 6. Here

Side B

  • 1. I Need You
  • 2. Rainy Day
  • 3. Never Found The Time
  • 4. Clarice
  • 5. Donkey Jaw
  • 6. Pigeon Song