Alkaline Trio - Is This Thing Cursed? [180G]

Alkaline Trio - Is This Thing Cursed? [180G]

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 Alkaline Trio's live shows have always been thrilling due to the fact that, even as the band ascended through the ranks of punk, they always retained the feeling of three friends excited to be on stage together. "When I think of a Trio live show," says Skiba, "I always go back to the humble beginnings of the band, and I want that to always be in this band." Alkaline Trio closed 2017 with a coveted opening slot for The Original Misfits, a band Skiba describes as his "first love," Alkaline Trio is primed to step back into the spotlight. "We have the wind at our backs, it seems," says Skiba. "Every aspect of the band-be it business or artistically or whatever-it feels like the Gods are in our corner." Andriano agrees, and says that he's ready to make the band's best record yet. "I wanna be a band that people want to hear new stuff from. Because I feel like I'm still in a band that wants to write good, new music." "Is This Thing Cursed?" will prove that good, new music is worth the wait.

- SIDE 1 -
1 Is This Thing Cursed?
2 Blackbird
3 Demon and Division
4 Little Help?
5 I Can't Believe
6 Sweet Vampires
7 Pale Blue Ribbon

- SIDE 2 -
1 Goodbye Fire Island
2 Stay
3 Heart Attacks
4 Worn So Thin
5 Throw Me to the Lions
6 Krystalline