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AC/DC - High Voltage [180G]

AC/DC - High Voltage [180G]

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AC/DC High Voltage on 180g LP! 

AC/DC's debut album, High Voltage, is a stripped-down collection of loud, raw, rude rockers, mostly odes to rock & roll and its attendant hard-partying lifestyle — to paraphrase the leadoff track, 'It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll),' getting drunk, stoned, beat up, and laid. The band reveled in its own macho obnoxiousness, particularly Bon Scott; at the end of the gleefully sexist, double-entendre-filled 'The Jack,' Scott grandiosely thanks a hostile, booing dubbed-in crowd.

While their sense of humor and clever wordplay made early AC/DC a great deal of sleazy, infectious fun, the band's revolutionary musical attack could not be overlooked — Angus Young's manic guitar solos overlaid a series of simple, basic boogie grooves delivered with ferocious power and volume, a sound that made the band a popular attraction at British punk clubs around this same time. The formula would be refined on subsequent albums, but High Voltage proves that AC/DC were already in the big leagues.

    1.   It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna... (Scott/Young/Young) - 5:16
    2.   Rock & Roll Singer (Scott/Young/Young) - 5:04
    3.   The Jack (Scott/Young/Young) - 5:52
    4.   Live Wire (Scott/Young/Young) - 5:50
    5.   T.N.T. (Scott/Young/Young) - 3:34
    6.   Can I Sit Next to You Girl (Scott/Young/Young) - 4:12
    7.   Little Lover (Scott/Young/Young) - 5:37
    8.   She's Got Balls (Scott/Young/Young) - 4:51
    9.   High Voltage (Scott/Young/Young) - 4:03