311 - From Chaos

311 - From Chaos

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Long before the current rap-metal genre became part of mainstream rock, there were already many bands who were playing this type of hybrid music. One such band is 311 who have been fusing hip-hop, funk, reggae and hard rock with aplomb since 1990. 

Formed in Omaha, NE,
311 signed to Capricorn Records and released their debut album Music in 1993 followed by sophomore effort Grassroots in 1994. 311 finally made a breakthrough with their self-titled third album in 1995 which yielded the two hits, "Down" and "All Mixed Up." Two more strong studio albums – Transistor (1997) and Soundsystem (1999) – demonstrated that 311's success was indeed no flash in the pan.

Following a legal battle with Capricorn, the band returned on Volcano Entertainment in 2001 with their sixth album From Chaos. Co-produced with Ron Saint Germain (who also helmed their self-titled effort) the band's funk/rock/reggae/pop hybrid proved to be as energetic and focused as ever here. Featuring the singles "You Wouldn't Believe," "I'll Be Here Awhile" and "Amber," the latter standing as one of 311's most popular to date.

  1. You Got Worked
  2. Sick Tight
  3. You Wouldn't Believe
  4. Full Ride
  5. From Chaos
  6. I Told Myself
  7. Champagne
  8. Hostile Apostle
  9. Wake Your Mind Up
  10. Amber
  11. Uncalm
  12. I'll Be Here Awhile