International Orders

International policies:

Taxes & duties:
International customers are responsible for the taxes and duties for their country. If you refuse a package, you will be charged for any cost that we incur and other fees.

We are required by law to claim the full value of what you paid for the package, save us facing a hefty fine.

A solution is to have it shipped to a friend with a USA address, then have that person re-ship it to you. The value claimed is then between you and your friend.

US Code 305:
(1) Failure to file; submission of false or misleading information.—Any person who knowingly fails to file or knowingly submits false or misleading export information through the Shippers Export Declaration (SED) (or any successor document) or the Automated Export System (AES) shall be subject to a fine not to exceed $10,000 per violation or imprisonment for not more than 5 years, or both.

Shipments that go into default:

Shipping companies sometimes need to reach out to the customer before delivery for the reason of taxes and duties, incorrect address, etc.

If the shipper needs to reach out to you before delivery and you are not able to be reached, the shipment might go into default. We will do everything possible to contact you. If default is imminent, we can choose to have them discard the shipment.

Unfortunately, due to the expenses we incur from a defaulted shipment, no refund will be given if the package goes into default.

This situation can be avoided by contacting us if you will not be available for the shipment or if you cannot be reached through the information that you provided to us.